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Monday, September 22, 2008

COMMUNITY SERVICE!! 131st street Saturday Morning!

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We hear alot about how GREEKS on campus don't do enough community service at these discussions and forums...

We hear comments like, "yall will go to a party, but not community service!"

Not only is this far from the truth, but we're gunna give the campus a live example of what we do the best.

We ALL know most people reading this BLOG will probably be at the next FACEBOOK AFFAIR, (alot of us will be going too!) [Shout out to Junior and the Squad, LOL] but you can guarantee to see us up bright and early the next morning cleaning up our road, 131st street Saturday morning! (its right by WAL-MART and the HART Bus station)

The ALPHAS are challenging YOU to step up! Its time to serve our community!!!

131st Street, The Theta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha's Official Adopted Road, which makes that street officially the COLDEST road in Tampa bay

We will be meeting at the USF Marshall Center Parking Lot on Saturday at 9AM, and from there we will be leaving to go to 131st. You could even take the BULLRUNNER to the street, its THAT CLOSE!

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